IBM® SPSS® Amos GradPack 23 for Windows (12-Mo Rental)

IBM® SPSS® Amos GradPack 23 for Windows (12-Mo Rental)
SPSS an IBM Company
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  • Platforms: Windows
  • This product does not come with IBM SPSS Statistics.
$39.99 USD

IBM® SPSS® Amos enables you to specify, estimate, assess and present models to show hypothesized relationships among variables. The software lets you build models more accurately than with standard multivariate statistics techniques. Users can choose either the graphical user interface or non-graphical, programmatic interface.

SPSS Amos allows you to build attitudinal and behavioral models that reflect complex relationships. The software:

  • Provides structural equation modeling (SEM)—that is easy to use and lets you easily compare, confirm and refine models.
  • Uses Bayesian analysis—to improve estimates of model parameters.
  • Offers various data imputation methods—to create different data sets.

IBM® SPSS® Amos 23

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 8.1 Enterprise (32/64-Bit)
Windows 8.1 Professional (32/64-Bit)
Windows 8 Enterprise (32/64-Bit)
Windows 8 Professional (32/64-Bit)
Windows 7 Enterprise (32/64-Bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32/64-Bit)
Windows Vista Business (32/64-Bit)
Windows Vista Enterprise (32/64-Bit)
Windows XP Professional (32/64-Bit)


Components Requirement
Disk Space Desktop
1 gigabytes (GB) of available hard-disk space.
IBM SPSS Amos Desktop
Memory Desktop
2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM or more.
IBM SPSS Amos Desktop
Other Hardware Desktop
Intel or AMD x86 processor running at 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher
IBM SPSS Amos Desktop 2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM or more
  1 gigabytes (GB) of available hard-disk space.
  Because the installer extracts files before installing, the same amount of temporary disk space is also needed for the installer.
  If using physical installation media, DVD/CD drive
  XGA (1024x768) or a higher-resolution monitor


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